Bros! Do You Want Other Bros To Know How #FaF You Are? Then You Should Buy This Bro’s 16 Pairs of Chubbies on Ebay!

Casually came across this listing for 16 (!!!) pairs of Chubbies being sold all together in the same eBay option. If you’re heading to college in the fall and want to look like the frattiest fratter to ever get their frat on before even pledging a frat, this is your chance!

Considering that it costs like $50 – 70 each, that means you’re getting all your fratty fratboy chub short shorts for a pretty steep discount per-pair. Maybe you can get your mom to put it on her credit card, too!

The question, however, is…


Maybe it’s because my shorts dresser drawer contains, like, seven pairs of shorts max that I rotate through all summer (… I’ll admit, I own a pair of the Chubbies ‘Mericas, which come out on holiday weekends… #swag), but it’s insane that ANYONE needs to own 16 pairs of the same shorts.

It’s not from a big vocal majority, but I keep hearing from college kids that bros who rock Chubbies 24/7 and try to dress overly-fratty because they thought that’s the cool thing to do in high school are the cancer of college campuses these days. Just be yourself kids and don’t fall for stupid marketing gimmicks.

I promise you that if you have game, you’ll be able to get laid in a pair of cargo shorts.

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