College Offering Course On How To Take The Perfect Selfie — Even If You’re Ugly

Harvard offered a sex ed class on how to properly have anal. University of Penn will host a class this spring titled “Wasting Time On The Internet.” Those are two key areas where people need to learn “how to” because…well, I’m not sure, but I imagine it’s covered in the first class.

The perfect selfie is almost as important to millennials as properly taking it in the butt and the most efficient way to turn mom into a meme. It’s so vital, a college in London is now offering a class on how to perfect the art of the selfie. That’s how they’re selling it — a selfie is art.

City Lit, an adult-education college in London, is now offering a photography class called “The art of self portraiture.” The month-long course, which begins in March, is a “theory/practice introduction to photographic self-portraiture; it is conceived for students to improve their critical understanding of the photographic self-portrait, as well as a platform to develop ideas towards the creation of a coherent body of work.”

To make the class seem legit, no iPhone pics are allowed. Students must bring their own SLR cameras to class and have a basic knowledge of the principles photography. Students can not just show off all the awesome bathroom selfies they took over winter break in order to gain admission for showing “promise.”

“Look, in this ass you can totally see my whole ass, my dolphin tat and it doesn’t even look like I haven’t slept in three days. I should be teaching this class!”

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