A Day After Being Named One Of The Best Party Schools In America, College Of Charleston Bans Booze

Talk about a fucking buzzkill, man.

Just one day after being named the 15th best party school in America by the Princeton Review, the College of Charleston announced it was banning booze for fraternities and sororities.

As our Paul Sacca said in Slack, “Not going to get to #1 with that kind of attitude.”

Damn straight.

School president Glenn McConnell made the announcement in a statement on the school’s website.

Earlier today, the College, after consulting with student leaders within the Greek life community, suspended all alcohol-related social activities for its fraternities and sororities effective immediately. The suspension of individual chapters will be lifted once the Division of Student Affairs has conducted a review of the organization and each chapter’s members have successfully completed additional education and training regarding alcohol and substance abuse, associated high-risk behavior and bystander intervention.

Fucking buzzkill.

McConnell says it wasn’t a reaction to the rankings, but rather to a number of issues.

This is not a knee-jerk reaction to an isolated incident, but rather a serious response to a series of dangerous behaviors connected to some members of our fraternities and sororities, ranging from disruptive parties out in the community this month to recent medical transports related to extreme intoxication.

Enough is enough. This type of reckless and dangerous behavior will not be tolerated.


And you know there’s no chance in hell that ban will be lifted. Once you get rid of shit like that, you never bring it back.

Have fun this year, Cougars.

[Via LawNewz]