How to Be a College Student In 32 Steps: A Guide for Freshman Year

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A LOT of colleges start back up this week, which means that the best four years of your life is underway, college freshmen. Hell, maybe you’ve already puked all over your dorm room’s communal shower stalls already or pissed off your roommate to the point where you’re considering transferring.

There’s a lot of great “official” advice one gets at your school’s freshman year orientation, but this video breaks down the reality of being a college student a little more realistically. Remember: These are the best four years of your life, so no matter how stressed you get about that organic chem class you never should have taken in the first place, there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel. Often times it’s booze. Lots of booze

“Congratulate your brain by destroying your liver.” – Those are words to live by.

Well, sort of.

Actually, not. Don’t do that.

Anyway, this video is some much-needed real-talk. Watch it and live by it, kids:

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