College Student In Trouble For Listing Dorm Room On AirBnB And Can You Blame A Guy For Trying?

The double messages sent to college students is amazing. On one hand, college tries to prepare kids to survive in the world of business yet as soon as a kid figures out a way to make extra money, institutions are like NOPE.

A Massachusetts college student is facing disciplinary action after allegedly violating the school’s residential policies when he listed his dorm room on Airbnb in January.

Jack Worth, a 19-year-old sophomore studying visual and media at Emerson College, told he listed his dorm room for two weeks and when the school ordered him to remove the listing he was fined $150 by Airbnb. He said he hosted three guests during those two weeks.

First off, can you blame a guy for trying to make a little side money with little work involved? Check out some of these numbers..

According to the college’s website, yearly tuition alone at Emerson for students entering in fall 2015 or later is $40,320 while living in at least a quad with three other roommates costs $14,700 for the school year. Worth hoped to offset some of the expenses he had accrued at the school.

Now we can’t be sure all of the AirBnB money was going towards academia but at least the kid is trying to get some money back to at least pay for books or drugs…to study. You know, like Adderall.

Worth’s classmates, and probably other entrepreneurs, are coming out to support his cause. A petition on explains that charges are going to be brought up against the student and that by signing the petition “you are supporting Jack and his honest entrepreneurial endeavor.”

Everyone go sign. Now.

[via Fox News]

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