College Student Falls Asleep During Lecture Then Falls On His Face

This torpid student took a nap at a lecture hall during a class. And I can’t blame him because the lecture is so utterly dull that my eyelids are getting heavy as I type.

Holy shit this professor boring as fuck. I’m watching this video righsdsfsd sdfgfsdjg sdf sfs. OH. Sorry. I literally just fell asleep watching this godawful lecture and my head hit the keyboard.

This professor is so extraordinarily boring that it could put anyone to sleep. No wonder that kid decided to take a little nappy during that lecture. Forget Zzzquil and Lunestra, just watch this professor bore you into slumber. Instead of having Dr. Conrad Murray administer dangerous propofol at his home to put him to sleep, Michael Jackson should have just hired this snooze.

Somehow this somnolent bro awoke during this snorefest, but fell off a desk and slammed onto the ground. He doesn’t want to fall back asleep so he walks right out of the lecture hall like nothing happened. Wise move, you can’t sleep away your college career.


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