World’s Worst College Student Films Himself Exposing HIV to More Than 30 Partners

by 4 years ago

According to police, Johnson—who also went by the online alias “Tiger Mandingo”—had unprotected sex with over 30 people at Lindenwood while knowing he was HIV-positive. He failed to disclose this fact to any of his partners, whom he picked up via his six social media accounts, including three Facebook pages, two Twitter feeds, a Vine, and an Instagram.

Police have uncovered 32 sex tapes Johnson made in his dorm room with the now-exposed people. He failed to disclose he was filming the encounters, too.

Law enforcement agents are now attempting to identify the students exposed at Lindenwood, a small school that is understandably a bit shaken up by the whole incident. Johnson, meanwhile, has been placed under arrest. Said one student, Jenny Counts: “I think it’s really scary, thinking someone like that is on campus, not thinking about others.”

[H/T: Buzzfeed]


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