Did You Hear the One About the College Student Who’s Punishment for Rape Was WRITING A BOOK REPORT?

According to the Daily Mail:

The federal complaint, which runs to 250 pages, against the Female Occidental College states that the school maintained a hostile environment when it came to sexual assault victims.

On one occasion a student who was found responsible for raping a woman was given the punishment of writing a five-page book report.

A group 37 women associated with the school consisting of both past and present students along with some professors, signed the complaint on Thursday.

They allege the college discouraged the reporting of sex crimes, proceeding with criminal action against the perpetrators and covered up rapes.

In the complaint, Allred alleges that 37 students were 'raped, sexually assaulted, battered, harassed or retaliated against for speaking out against sexual violence.'

'I've seen some of the outputs of these so-called 'educational sanctions' like book reports and apology letters and they're abysmal,' told Danielle Dirks to the Huffington Post.

Dirks is a sociology professor who specializes in crime and punishment who also signed the complaint.

'The fact that Occidental has invited rapists back to campus and even told survivors not to worry because 'he's reformed now' after these types of inadequate sanctions is an abomination.'

Speaking to the LA Times, Senior Carly Mee said she was raped as a freshman. She said she reported the incident to the college but did not report it to police.

A university panel found the alleged perpetrator responsible and initially expelled him. He then appealed and will now be able to re-enroll after she graduates in May.

If I paid $60,000 a year to send my daughter to this school and she got raped I would expect Occidental College to let me execute the son of a fucking bitch who did it, and then sweep THAT under their gigantic rug. Not the other way around. Fuck this place. Despicable.