College Students Sneak Dead Alligator Into Dorm Because Florida

by 2 years ago

With the oversaturation of content on Snapchat, it’s a tough place to stand out and get recognized. What are kids to do? Bring a dead alligator into their dorm and snap some pics. That’s what they do.

Three students at Florida Gulf Coast University students found a dead alligator on the side of the road. That’s good eats. They smuggled the carcass into their dorm room. Just kids being kids. They propped the alligator on a dorm room bed and posted a photo of the dead reptile on Snapchat.

The post went viral. So viral that it was seen by the attention of Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission. The officials went to the university and issued warnings to the three students.

Campus police said the students lied to them at first as to how the alligator got into their dorm. What was their excuse, it just waddled into the room? Crawled out of the toilet?

The school gave the three students warnings for possession of an alligator without proper permits. Is that even an actual charge? Well, it is Florida so it is possible.

Gotta get your Snapchat numbers up.


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