College Students Shared The Dumbest Things They’ve Heard Fellow Students Say And LOLOLOL

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Taken out of context, we’ve all said countless stupid things throughout our lives. However, some statements stand on their own. Even out of context these are completely idiotic.

Below, a bunch of college students shared the dumbest things they’ve ever heard fellow students say (via AskReddit), and I’m sitting here scratching my head over how some of these people managed to get into college in the first place:

My favorite has got to be when a student read “World War II” as “World War Eleven”

My friend was in an online course and they had to write a simple paragraph about themselves as a first assignment.
Someone got caught plagiarizing.

Student: Do rocks have DNA? Prof: No rocks are not living. Student: Then how do they reproduces. How is there not only just one rock?
This was a 300 level genetics class..

The other day I heard a girl giving a speech over nicotine addiction. This was supposed to be informative and have credible sources. I kid you not.
“I do not believe that cigarettes are addictive. I tried them once, I am not addicted.”

I think I can get on board with this logic….

A friend of mine moved into a new place at the start of his second year, and threw a big house party to celebrate.
It was great, it was wild, fun was had. While nothing got broken, his living room got messed up quite a bit. Pillows all over the place, chair tipped over… I think someone made a fort out of pizza boxes.
Anyway, I go round this dude’s house about 5 months later, and the living room is largely in the same state I last saw it in at that party. In fact, so was lots of the house. It had barely been cleaned, mould was on a ton of their dishes, and there was a mushroom growing out of the wall in the bathroom.
I asked him why the hell hadn’t they tidied any of it up, and he said:
“We figured we’d have another party again soon, so why bother cleaning up?”

I go to a pretty rich university, but many of the students are poor and in on a scholarship (myself included).
I once posted on Yik Yak about the feels of only have $5 in my account. Had someone comment with “just take some money from your second account and put it in your checking account?”

I had a friend ask me if the IRS was going to come after him since he did not pay his internet bill for 3 months.

One time in class a girl was doing a presentation where she described a man from Uganda as “African American,” and didn’t understand why that wasn’t right.

In a literature class:
Girl: “So, all those Greek Gods and Goddesses, what happened to them?”
Professor, confused: “You mean in the story?”
Girl: “No, like, WHAT HAPPENED to them?”
Professor: “I… I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking…”
Girl: “Like, why are they not around anymore? Did they all die?”
The whole class was just a stunned silence.

Still my favorite; this one occurred in the stacks at the University of Kentucky in Spring of 2014.
* Girl: I have no idea how I got chlamydia but I didn’t cheat on you.
* Boy: Bullshit! You fucking slept with so and so
* Girl: No way! I must’ve gotten it from the bathroom at some random bar
* Boy: You can get chlamydia from toilet seats?!?
* Girl: duh of course you can!
* Boy: oh ok I didn’t know that

I was about to graduate and move to Europe with my husband.
My classmate: “You’ll be surprised when you get there. Europeans look American. You won’t be able to tell a difference.”
Me: “You should retake history.”

During an MBA marketing class, we had group projects where we basically had a set of data given to us to come up with a marketing plan. One group took the customer data and proudly averaged all of the customer’s zip codes to get the geographical center of their customer base.
Later in the professor’s office, they argued when the prof told them it didn’t work that way. The team leader said, “Well, that’s just your opinion” and stomped out.

“How many pages do I need to write for the five page paper?”

“No, there’s TWO different types of turkeys- one for white meat, one for dark.”

Girl legitimately believed that reading while pregnant would make the baby better at reading. I could see the pain in the professor’s eyes.

“When you think about it, isn’t communism just anarcho-capitalism?” teacher just looked at him puzzled and said, “no, not even close”

“He isn’t Asian, he’s from Japan.”

Had a kid in class who did not believe in science. Not a specific branch of science, or any particular theory, just science on general. “It was all just made up by the government”
The thing about it though is that we were in school to become aircraft mechanics, and if you tried explaining the physics of flight to him, he would adamantly deny it.
Luckily he was kicked out for failing a drug test. As it is I am already not comfortable flying knowing some of the people who went on to be employed by major airlines.
Edit: to answer the two most common questions that are popping up.
“how did he even get in the college?” well it was a technical school, so you really only need a highschool diploma/ged to enroll.
And “what kind of college does drug testing? ” the kind that is regulated by the FAA, and also realizes that students losing their A&P license due to drugs, and being fired from major companies that hired them right out of school, reflects badly on the school, and any student that may apply to said company afterward.

Oh don’t get me started.
— Who is the queen? (we live in England – she should know this by now, she’s on our money)
— Where abouts in London is the Taj Mahal? (she thought it was a city in London)
— ( I was trying to explain the Big Bang Theory to someone) she replied to me “Then how come when I throw this pen and shout BANG there isn’t another big bang” – YEAH… that’s easily the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard.

“I’m never going to need to know this for my career”
He was talking about calc 1 and he majors in mechanical engineering….

I’m a history major and there was a fellow student in my class the other day who I heard say to his friend, “who won the Civil War again?”….Isn’t it obvious?!!?!? Where have you been?

“I thought Ben Franklin invented lightning?”. This was said during a class on western civilization.

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