Video Has Surfaced Of An Officer Beating A Drunk 19-Year-Old UGA Student And Phi Kappa Tau Brother

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The bros over at TFM broke news yesterday evening that video has surfaced of officer Jonathan Fraser (17 year veteran of the force) beating drunk 19-year-old University of Georgia (UGA) student Michael Roquet into a concussion behind his Phi Kappa Tau fraternity house.

Video of the incident (the beating takes place around the 6:50 mark) is already going viral, as it shows an officer of the law bludgeoning an inebriated college student being beaten to the point of concussion by an admittedly “out of shape” officer who failed to follow protocol AND who flat out lied in his arrest report. Here’s video of the incident (the altercation starts around 6:50 but the actual beating of the student starts around 7:40):

“Stop, please!” “Bro, what the f*ck are you doing?” The exact words I’d have been saying when a cop attacked me out of nowhere.

Here you can see the helpless (and drunk) UGA student cowering as the cop beats him with his nightstick:

TFM reports:

A 17-year veteran of the force, Jonathan Fraser, led Michael to a parking lot next to the Phi Kappa Tau house where he asked him to go inside. Michael did not comply. After breaking free of Fraser’s hold, Roquet attempted to go inside the house when Fraser took him to the ground and beat him with his baton.

In his initial report, Fraser made mention that Roquet had struck him, and that is why he used excessive force. This video shows that Fraser was lying. He also tried to justify his decision because he was “tunnel visioned” and “knows he is out of shape.” Fraser also failed to comply with the protocol of calling for medical assistance for the injured student. Roquet suffered a concussion and had multiple bumps on his head.

The Athens-Clarke County Police Department has issued a statement to The Red & Black regarding this incident:

“This kind of action, of course, is not going to be tolerated by the Athens-Clarke County police department,” said ACC Police Chief Scott Freeman. “And I have to say this – and I keep re-iterating this – this is not typical for an Athens-Clarke County police officer. It is very embarrassing for the police department, but we are taking ownership of it because this is not who we are as an agency.”

For more on this story you can follow that link above to TFM or click on over to The Red & Black, the local Athens, Georgia campus news outlet.

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