Cop HULKSLAMS Two Kids On Spring Break While Hundreds Of College Kids Cheer Him On

By the looks of it, spring break in St. Pete’s, Florida looks like its more a WWE wrestling match than anything wild and crazy. This deputy in Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office was responding to a fight on the beach, according to ABC News, and delivered the long-arm of justice to not just one agitated spring breaker, but his buddy as well when he tried step in to interfere. The cop goes HULKMODE on both of them, doing a tremendous job of keeping both their scrawny asses in the sand while he takes care of business. The college kids watching can hardly contain themselves, either. Via ABC News:

The video shows the deputy, Sgt. Bryan Bingham, with his hands around the neck a man who appears to be Joshua McMahan. He then slams the man’s head into the sand. As Bingham tries to put the man’s hands behind his back, another man who appears to be Lewis tries to intervene and Bingham pushes him to the ground.

The second man tries to intervene again and the deputy smacks him the chest, sending him back several feet and to the ground.

The video ends with the deputy sitting on the first man and his arm wrapped around the head of the second man, who is struggling against him. People from the crowd appear to step in to help put the second man’s arms behind his back.

Incredibly, someone was flying a drone over St. Pete’s beach at the time. They caught the fight as well. It’s pretty surreal to watch with a birds-eye-view:

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