A Cornell Bro Let a Bee Sting Him in the Dick For Class

by 6 years ago


Remember in college when writing a 12-paper paper was a daunting, exhausting prospect?

Well, thank your lucky stars your teacher didn’t assign you “have a bee sting you in the dick and see how it feels.” Because that’s apparently what passes for learnin’ these days at the Ivy League institution the Cornell University. From the New York Daily News:

A Cornell University academic spent weeks trying to discover where the most delicate part of the body was to be stung by a bee. [Graduate student] Michael Smith chose 25 sensitive parts of the body — including the testicles — to receive a sting. In the interests of science he allowed himself to be stung five times a day for 38 days.

Good-fucking-LORD. That is—hang tight while I math ya—190 bee stings. If this is the shit you gotta do to get a degree from a top-tier university, fuck that.

Amazingly though, the testicle and dick weren’t the most painful place to be stung. That would be the nostril.

No word on his grade.

[BEES!!!!!! by Shutterstock]