Cornell Staffer Sued After Creating Website Dedicated to Ex’s ‘Micro Penis’

From the New York Daily News:

A scorned Ivy League philosophy editor smeared her ex with a series of online posts calling him a sex-obsessed sicko with a “micro penis” who engages in “animal role play,” according to court documents.

Louise Silberling, an editor at Cornell University’s Philosophical Review, retaliated against architect John Wender — with whom she only went on three dates — with a series of scandalous poems and messages she posted online after they broke up, according to a defamation lawsuit filed Tuesday in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Wender, 53, is seeking up to $1.25 million in damages and is “irreparably harmed” after the pair met online in March 2011 — and then about a year later she started slinging the slanderous insults at him.


Silberling created not one, but two (!) websites dedicated to slandering Wender— and—and in between plenty of Wender headshots, Silberling called the guy a drug addict who abuses women. Said Wender, “She went to my high school,” he said. “We only went on three dates. It’s affected my life, it’s affected my kids’ lives. She’s insane.” Said me, I'm not sure if there's even enough time in the day for one successful architect to have this many vices.

Never go on a date.

[H/T: Buzzfeed]