Creeper ‘Pranks’ College Girls By Asking Them to Sign a ‘Sexual Consent Contract’ In Least Funny Prank Video of All Time

Prank videos are so… Ugh these days. The guys at /whatever just upped their creeper game hard by walking around Santa Barbara asking girls to sign a “sexual consent contract.” I think the girl’s reaction at the very beginning of the video — along the lines of “fuck you you fucking fuck” — speaks for everyone else’s reaction at large.

The video doesn’t sit well with me. Consent is hardly a laughing matter on college campuses these days. To make light of it by deducing the consent to a physical “legally-binding contract” for a cheap laugh is a slap in the face to those working their asses off to make the issue known to the college student population at large. That said, there’s a point that sticks: Don’t sign anything without reading it, even when someone says “don’t even read it.” Hopefully your brain hasn’t rotted that much¬†yet.

Dumb YouTube prank/reaction videos will be be the death of humanity. Just give it time.

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