Dayton’s Riot Cost the Town $57,000 in Police Fees


Worth it?

From the Dayton Daily News:

Miami Valley taxpayers and the University of Dayton shelled out more than $57,000 in overtime to fund police officers from 13 jurisdictions to control crowds at the University of Dayton as its men’s basketball team made a historic run in this year’s NCAA tournament.

Faced with the job of clearing the streets of thick crowds of thousands of students and visiting revelers, law enforcement officers at one point or another endured thrown half-filled beer bottles, fist-swinging brawlers, fireworks, couches set afire, plenty of curses and some stumbling drunks who had difficulty standing. Some of the revelers jumped up and down on vehicles as though they were trampolines.

The $57,000 figure doesn’t come close to matching the other thousands paid in cleanup, property damage, and cracked iPhone screens. 32 people were also arrested and five cops reported being punched in the face; this shit was nuts.

And you know. How dare these kids disrespect their school and their town. HOW DARE THEY. They should be ashamed of their exuberance. What did their president have to say about this?

… Oh wait, the college president was in the ghetto? And he went crowd surfing?

Carry on.

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