The University of Dayton’s Riot After Beating Syracuse Was the Best College Riot Of All Time

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Unless you’re a Syracuse fan, it’s hard not to love the University of Dayton’s underdog win yesterday against the 3-seed, sending the school to the Sweet 16 for the first time since 1984. After the victory, the students watching from the University of Dayton’s infamous “Ghetto” student housing complex took to the streets to celebrate in what might be the most endearing college riot I’ve ever seen during my blogging years here at BroBible. The police showed up just to make sure everyone stayed calm and in control, as did the school’s beloved president, Dr. Dan Curran, who proceeded to crowd surf through the hysteria.

Isn’t March Madness great?









// included the school’s president, President Dan Curran, crowd surfing.




Well played, Dayton. Can’t wait to see what happens if you make it to the Final Four next weekend.

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