These Seattle Bros Made A ‘DRINKO’ Drinking Game Board, Want To Sell It To Frat Stars On Craigslist

You remember last week, don’t you? Good. So then you’ll recall that Jimmy Fallon and Paul Rudd played a modified version of PLINKO, from The Price Is Right on The Tonight Show. They turned the classic game into a drinking game, because Jimmy Fallon loves playing drinking games on his show. He knows that’s the special sauce that makes Millennials all sweaty in the crotch. Appropriately, he called the game DRINKO, a name that would also be fitting for an alcoholic clown, but I digress.

In honor of Fallon’s newfangled PLINKO hybrid, some Bros our in Seattle decided to build their own DRINKO boards and sell it on Craigslist. Their target market? FRAT STARS.

Per the post on Craigslist:

Are you in a frat? Are you and your boys always looking for new ways to haze the piss out of pledges? If you answered FUCK YEAH BRO to both questions, then you’ve come to the right place and I’m talking to the right bro.

As we all know, those darn pledges won’t haze themselves. You have to work hard 24/7/365 to make sure they’re properly welcomed to the brotherhood. And some times, all that dedication can catch up with you – your school work may suffer and you may not holla at tha biddies as much as you should.
But not anymore!

For just 200 American dollars you and your boys can become the proud owners of THE DRINKO BOARD

What is the Drinko Board?

Well, when a lifelong appreciation of the Price is Right and a passion for drinking games love each other very much, they decide to make a baby. A 4′ x 8′ baby with hundreds of perfectly placed nails, each with an accompanying beer bottle.

Jimmy Fallon and Paul Rudd are already in on the Drinko action, albeit with an inferior board. Regardless, don’t miss your chance join them.

Buy yours today while supplies last. Limit one per planet earth.

$200 OBO

Transportation is your responsibility, all bottles must be taken with you and ping pong balls are included – red cups are not included but I know y’all got that covered.

WARNING: The backside has nails poking through it, which is both awesome and dangerous.

Drinking – Partying – Fist Pumping – Raging – Frats – Beer – Gravy – Tank Tops – Red cups – Football – Bros – N’sync – Brah – Homies – Fraternity – Sports – Brotherhood – Intimate moments – TLC – Love – Friendship – Dick Pics – Girls – Babes – Sorority – Vomit – Price is Right – Bob Barker – Travis Barker – Rave – Horses – Dance Party – House – Hugs – Kisses – XOXOXO – Popped Collar – Polo – Ralph Lauren – Girls named Lauren – Weight lifting – Tanning – Bromance – Accidental kisses – Flubber – Mucus – Yeah buddy – Dawgs – UW – WSU – Lacrosse – Visors – Debt – Cars – Chads – Greek – Alpha – Beta – Omega – Optimums Prime – DVDs – Halo 2 – Battlefield 18 – Raw meat – Hashtag – Top Ramen – Salt – Milk – Finn McCools – TJ Maxx – America – Eagle – Nike – Tiger

Truly an impressive list of keywords. In fact, I’m going to plug every last one of those fuckers into every single page on our site so our traffic can be more fratty than it already is.

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