Jimmy Fallon Made Your Favorite ‘Price Is Right’ Game Into A Fantastic Drinking Game

Jimmy Fallon was back finally from his gruesome finger injury that put him in the ICU for 10 days. And what better way to deal with the pain of his surgery than to do shots?

On Monday night’s The Tonight Show, Paul Rudd joined Jimmy for a brand new game they call “Drinko.” It is a ripoff of the infamous Plinko game on The Price Is Right, but with a brilliant catch. At the bottom of the Drinko board awaits various beverages that the contestants have to drink if their disc plops into that specific cup. Some of the tasty drinks are tequila, beer, peppermint schnapps, Capri Sun, pickle juice, bacon soda and gravy.

The Ant-Man actor went first, and sank his disc in the absolute worst cup on the board, cold gravy. Jimmy had a much better challenge of having to do a shot of peppermint schnapps.

For the final round, both contestants dropped their discs in Drinko simultaneously and whichever contestant’s disc landed second was the loser. The loser would have to combine both drinks and down the mixture.

Fallon’s disc was last and was forced to drink a tequila and gravy shot (Which Rudd had already drank so Jimmy lucked the fuck out). “They call it Thanksgiving south of the border,” the Drinko board joked.

Gotta go, I have to go build my very own Drinko board before next weekend’s party.