Wasted Chick Vs. Clumsy Police Officer At LSU’s Bayou Country Superfest–Who Ya Got? (Hint: There Are No Winners)

The beautiful disaster above took place at LSU’s Bayou Country Superfest, which means absolutely nothing to me, but I do know that if you stick ‘fest’ at the end of an event, people are going to get arrested.

According to Dana Zack-Rogers, the girl who posted the video to Facebook and was presumably present during the debacle:

She was straddling her boyfriend and being inappropriate, then cursing the family behind us who complained to the cop who had a young girl with them. The cop tried getting her to leave and this happened.

Arrested for dry humping your boyfriend in plain view of a child? The south has gone soft. Right now Florida is reading this like ‘sooo what’s the issue again?’ Florida put your dick away. Christ. And as far as the chubby officer, I haven’t seen a girl manhandle a dude like that since Alexis Texas’ latest porno. My God dude, did you forget you have a fucking taser or did you eat the thing? Be better.

[h/t TFM]