Duke Student Trolls So Hard, Deletes Midterm Notes for UNC History Class

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An entry-level UNC class had its midterm plans briefly derailed this week in fine fashion, all thanks to a moderately tech-savvy Duke fan and Amile Jefferson, sort of.

Like many classes in 2014, History 107: “A survey of Western Europe and the Mediterranean World, 300-1500,” hosts its study guide on Google Docs, allowing students and TAs to collaboratively pull together any material needed for a midterm.

Only this doc was somewhat unbelievably left public. Which leads to the events of Tuesday night.

Someone, who could have been a Duke fan (or an N.C. State student in Raleigh looking to threw the bloodhounds off his scent), discovered the open doc, deleted everything, and left behind a meme with the text “YOU MAD, CAROLINA?” placed over Blue Devil Amile Jefferson. A screenshot was uploaded to Overheard at UNC (sidenote: look at the last tab in the picture above), leaving the 107 students in a state of panic before the doc’s owner figured out how to undo the changes.

All in all: a pretty funny prank. Until the next rivalry game, though, I really hate to say it, but this remains the last word.

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 11.45.09 AM

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