Meet The Florida State Bro Who Looks (And Acts) Like Dan Bilzerian On Instagram And Yeti Campus

Here’s what you need to know about Jonathan Bartos a.k.a. @photojonic on Instagram: He has a beard. He goes to Florida State. A “legend” as it was told to BroBible in Tallahassee, girls have allegedly offered him threesomes in exchange for shaving his beard, which rivals the beards you see on Duck Dynasty. We can’t verify that. Honestly, we’re not even going to try.

But we did hear that Bartos a.k.a. @photojonic is a growing social media star on Instagram and, perhaps more importantly, the Yeti Campus app that’s all the rage around college these days. Why? Because he’s like the Dollar Tree ramen noodles version of Dan Bilzerian: Ballin’ on a budget as a college student, having the best possible time of his life and surrounded by swarms of scantily-clad coeds.

We first noticed him last week in our round-up of Yeti pics from Florida State’s infamous White Trash Wednesdays.

I mean, just look at this guy. He even claims to have been called “Yeti Beard man, AssGod, and even Daddy of Booty.” WTF?

We reached out to interview him. Here’s what he shot us back with:

Start off by telling us a little bit about you… Major… Class… Fraternity affiliation… Where you’re from… Biographical stuff, really? 

My name is Jon Bartos, and I was born in Fort Myers, Florida. Despite being from south Florida, I would constantly take family trips to Florida State football. As a kid I always loved the scenery. Not just the hills and trees, but the beautiful woman. As far as my education goes I was once a botany major 😉 but now my major is Environmental Studies, with a minor in Film. I am currently a senior, and have never rushed a frat but I am cool with the Greek life, especially the sororities.

We heard you’re a “legend” at Florida State. Do you think you’re a legend? How did this mythical status all come about?

I never referred to myself as a legend nor do I think I am. It is pretty crazy having people come up to me in public wanting to take photos and referring to me as a legend, Campus Celebrity, Yeti Beard man, AssGod, and even Daddy of Booty. Honestly all I did was embrace one of the many pleasures that FSU has to offer, and did it with a beard which ultimately resulted in people noticing me on the app “Yeti Campus Stories.”

When did you decide to grow the beard?

I was dating a girl that always wanted me to grow out the beard, so when we broke up I decided to grow the manliest beard possible. As of now it is 10months Strong, and gets trimmed every two months.

How has the beard helped with the ladies? How do college girls noticeably treat you different with the beard vs. without?

Before I had the beard I was still pulling woman in abundance, but I believe it was because of two reasons. One being the amount of beautiful woman in this city, and the other is just having a unique persona that other people don’t have. To all the Bro’s out there struggling, all you have to do is not be basic. Anyways, once I grew the beard, it became a conversation starter. Not all women liked the beard, but that wasn’t a problem because I would just hide it between their legs.

The most obvious comparison you get is to Dan Bilzerian. Is he the inspiration behind the beard?

No, and people ask me that all the time. I just believe that great minds think alike, which goes in correlation with the beautiful woman that chase beards. Through my perspective we are just sharing one of our world’s natural beauties through photos. It’s the same as posting a photo of a waterfall, or a beautiful woman. They are both easy on the eyes, oh and the wetter the better.

Who are your other beard-spirations?

There was nobody with a beard that inspired me, but what kept the motivation going was the bros that I inspired. They would come up to me on campus or in public, and immediately want to talk about their beards and how they saw mine on yeti campus stories.

What do you say to mouth-breathers who claim only hipsters have beards?

They probably got their girl swooped by a bearded man, so now they lie to themselves about all of us being hipsters to help heal their pain.

How do you maintain that thing? What’s your hygiene routine to keep it bushy and luscious?

Well I have no brand of beard oil that I use. I condition it with sulfate free conditioner, and will go to a local organic health store and use Argan, and Jojoba oils. Although recently I started experimenting with different oils because I want to launch my own brand, but I don’t want to talk too much about that. Also the juices from woman help a lot.

How do you fight off urges to shave it? Multiple times I’ve had guys offer me money, and woman offer me threesomes to shave it. I have yet to get offered the right price, and don’t think I ever will. Any Bro with a beard will tell you it’s an art form, and although sometimes art should be destroyed, not this work of art.

Who is your dream girl?

Mila Kunis, but im cool with Ashton so it’s straight.

What’s your go-to Chipotle order?

Two steak bowls with brown rice, extra guac, and a side of Netflix & Chill.

Give us a couple examples of your Tinder game. What’s your go-to icebreaker?

Normally I ask them if they have a father figure, and if they say yes then I ask to see a copy of his W-2. If the father figure is absent then I ask if her gag reflex is as well.

Favorite athlete Bro?

Former Florida State Seminole football player Nick O’leary

Favorite Bro in Hollywood?

I never thought of having a favorite. Probably Mark Wahlberg, although he does play very similar roles in his action movies I like his comedies, and Entourage. Ted is one of my favorite comedy movies, which also has my dream girl Mila Kunis in it.

Also: The Guy that created Dollar Beard Club.

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