Frat Bros Are Using a Secret-Sharing App to Confess Things They Would Never Tell Their Fraternity Brothers

If you’re not familiar with the app Whisper, here’s why you should be: Bros are dishing out their deepest fears, confessions, and insecurities on it 24/7, completely anonymously. Whisper is an app that lets its users get their deepest, darkest secrets off their chests. Think of it like a confessional booth, except for your phone, allowing you to project a secret to millions and millions of readers with pictures to help get the point across.

Believe it or not, a number of fraternity Bros are using Whisper to dish some not-so-nice secrets about fraternity life. Below are 10 Whisper confessionals by frat Bros about frat life. These are things they’d never admit to their fellow frat Bros and kindasorta a fascinating insight into both fratstar behavior. There’s no reason any Bro should shoulder this guilt as a participant in Greek Life.

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