Five Frat Bros Broke Into SeaWorld to Take Selfies and Eat Dippin’ Dots

Early Wednesday morning, a security guard making the rounds at SeaWorld San Antonio stumbled across an unexpected sight: five fraternity brothers scaling the walls of the theme park. Three guys split and actually got away; two weren’t so lucky, and yesterday Duc Nguyen, 23, and Huy May, 18, were charged with theft and criminal trespassing. They go to the University of Houston.

After questioning the duo, the San Antonio police discovered no dolphins were ridden nor animals harmed and, thank god, no frat guy was found dead with his nuts ripped off by a killer whale—as happened in Orlando (!) just over a decade ago. Instead, this story is more benign and much more funny.

According to KHOU, the five frat guys broke into SeaWorld to take selfies with the animals. And after they got their Instagram fill, they broke into a storage area to eat Dippin’ Dots ice cream. They were on Spring Break, possibly probably high, and they just wanted to see some wildlife and eat the ice cream of the future. (“Isn’t it, like, weird that these guys are in cages and now we’re stuck in a cage with them?” /stares into bottom of bowl.)

SeaWorld had this to say about the incident:

“SeaWorld is working with San Antonio law enforcement to investigate individuals who were unlawfully trespassing early this morning. San Antonio Police Department has custody of two individuals, and SeaWorld has not found any animals harmed as a result of this morning’s event.”

[H/T: The Week]