Fraternity Caught Chanting And Chilling Out In Sewers Under Campus

Either space is at a premium at Kennesaw State University or the members of Pi Kappa Phi are earning extra money from the water and sewer department to fund major parties. Those are the only two logical reasons that fraternity members were hanging out and chanting in the sewers under the school like some heroes in a half shell.

Matthew Boggs, a student at KSU and a photo editor for the student newspaper The Sentinel, was walking across a seemingly-vacant campus parking lot when he heard the voices coming from beneath him.

“I was walking across campus on a night photo-walk when I thought I heard voices coming from behind me. I turned around and there was no one there,” Boggs told The Sentinel. “I realized it was coming from the drain and I first thought it was echoing from somewhere else, but then I saw a cellphone underneath the drain grate and I knew people were down there. It sounded like chanting and it was very unnerving.”

Boggs took the above video, probably so other people would believe what he heard. Boggs could make out some of the chants and claim the cellar dwellers were repeating the names of Anthony Pelzer Wagener, Theodore Barnwell Kelly and James Fogarty, all founding members of the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity.

The Sentinel reached out to the frat, to confirm, and were told it members of the fraternity were underground but wouldn’t admit if the chants came from members, pledges or turtles who enjoy a nice deep dish.

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