Fraternity President Punched A Cop In The Face Amidst 100+ Citations At American University Frat House Party

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Twenty-one-year-old Jamieson Tymann is in for a rough fucking ride fellas. Upon the cops showing up to shut down a chaotic and outta’ control frat party at American University, Tymann a 4th year student and President of Pi Kappa Alpha lashed out with some fiery fisticuffs at a cop that repeatedly told Tymann to bounce. It gets worse though. Sources say that 22-year-old Tyler Steinhardt who leases the house where it all went down, has been charged on 110 counts of providing alcohol to minors. St3in

As any disheveled drunken busted partygoer might be apt to do; many, many folks at the busted house took to closets and a garage (50-75 reported people in the garage), and god knows where else to avoid being caught.

A spokeswoman for American University told the press that the school sat down with every student cited and referred their cases to what’s known as AU Student Conduct.


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