University Of Georgia Used A Cheer Sheet During The Kentucky Game And It’s The Most Pathetic Thing You’ll See Today

The only thing more embarrassing than needing a sheet full of pre-approved cheers for a given sporting event is…actually, I lied. Shitting your pants in public, popping a boner while wearing a speedo and walking around naked in public with a cockatoo pecking at your ass are all somehow less embarrassing than a group of people getting together, making and then passing out cheer sheets for the Georgia vs. Kentucky game last night. Whatever happened to classic cheers like screaming “ASSHOLE” at the top of your lungs? Or even chanting “Hey you suck” whenever possible? Apparently those are both dead.

And the fact that Georgia felt it necessary to include “be as loud and distracting as possible”…do the kids down there not know the difference between golf and basketball? Because now I’ve got a mental image of the student stands filled with kids golf clapping whenever a 3-pointer is scored.