Cute College Girl Makes Tinder Profile To Help Her Find A Job And Against All Odds, It Actually Worked


Jessica Anderson / Metro

20-year-old Jessica Anderson, like many other college students, found out the hard way that today’s job market is almost complete shit when it comes to finding anything other than an unpaid internship: through frustrating trial and error. According to Metro, Jessica applied to over 150 jobs after moving to London as an international relations student, however after being rejected from yet another employer she decided it was time to change her approach.

Enter: Tinder.


Jessica Anderson / Metro

Rather than throwing up selfies in her profile, Jessica included screenshots of her CV and cover letter. “I felt totally demotivated,” she explains to Metro, “Then I just thought – there are over 8 million people in London right now, a lot will be using Tinder – and maybe some of those using Tinder will know of opportunities or have contacts to help me.”


Jessica Anderson / Metro


Jessica Anderson / Metro

After being inundated with 500 messages in solely one day, Jessica began sifting through her matches to see if any potential employers had responded to her profile. While many offered her networking tips and the like, not everyone was helpful as Jessica explains, “Some guys couldn’t see anything amusing about it and went so far as to scold me for trying to use Tinder for anything other than dating.” Others offered her starring roles in porn:


Jessica Anderson / Metro

Jessica is now reportedly “in talks” with multiple people about potential employment and internships, however “she doesn’t have her heart set on anything as of yet.”

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