Guy Running Around LSU Whipping His Dick Out At Girls Has Probably The Worst Backstory To Get Girls To Look At It

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Charles Jeremy Harrison is 32 years old. At 32, you can find yourself in a variety of places in life: you could be a graduate student, a CEO of a multimillion dollar company, a part-time dog groomer who lives with his mother – the options are endless. However there’s a very short list of things you CAN’T be, one of which includes “fraternity pledge.”

Now I suppose technically, TECHNICALLY if you’re 32 and an undergraduate student you could pledge a fraternity…but what self-respecting fraternity is going to give a bid to a legit ADULT? I’m not talking about a 24-year-old who just started school late, I’m talking about a creepy old dude who wants to join solely to meet young freshman girls. Ew, I’m breaking out in creeper sweats just thinking about it.

So while both you, I and the rest of the human population are smart enough to realize that there is no way in hell Charles Jeremy Harrison could possibly be a fraternity pledge, somehow the memo skipped over him and he decided that would be his backstory in order to get girls to pose for a picture of his dick. Brilliance at its finest.

A 32-year-old man is wanted after he was accused of flashing a woman by the LSU lakes, claiming he must show his penis to 100 women before he can gain entry to a fraternity he was pledging.

The woman told Baton Rouge Police on Aug. 11 she was running around the LSU lakes when she noticed a van pass her multiple times. Charles Jeremy Harrison, of Denham Springs, pulled up next to her and said he was pledging for a fraternity, the report says. He told her he would get “extra points” if she would put her hand by his penis for a picture, the report says. The woman moved away from the vehicle, at which point he displayed his penis.(via)

The victim identified Harrison in a 6-person photographic line-up and a warrant for his arrest is currently out.

[H/T The Advocate]

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