Harvard University Gamers Booted From Online Tournament For Cheating

gamer cheating


The official motto for Harvard University is Veritas, meaning truth, but a couple gamers on the school’s official eSports team were caught in one big lie last week.

According to The Crimson, a group of Harvard video game players were disqualified from Blizzard Entertainment’s “Heroes of the Dorm” competition for violating several of the contest’s rules. An investigation by tournament officials revealed “a player on the Harvard team, Team Ambush, was sharing his user account with a higher rated player who was not on the team’s official tournament roster.”

Blizzard Entertainment has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to cheating and booted the Harvard team from the sweet 16 round of the tournament. The team issued an apology and explained that “after the qualifiers, both a team member and the team’s substitute were unable to participate because of what they called an unavoidable lack of Internet access.”

“We were uncertain about how to continue, since we really wanted to continue participating in this event and did not want to forfeit by not having enough players for the first weekend in bracket play, which we had worked hard to achieve,” explained Andy Kim, co-president of the Harvard College eSports Association.

Kim added “that the eSports association has a decentralized structure, in which individual teams manage themselves, though he said in the future his organization hopes to have a more ‘systematic approach to drafting and managing’ the various teams.”

[via The Crimson]