Meet the Horrible College Girls Hunting For Sugar Daddies Instead of Jobs

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Despite a surprisingly positive jobs report from the Department of Labor last week, the American economy is still quite sluggish. I imagine that nowhere is that sentence more frightening than on the campuses of U.S. colleges and universities. There, over the next month, hundreds of thousands of seniors will leave behind the last comfort of childhood and face a particularly harsh reality.

Knowing that, some enterprising gals are taking a different kind of initiative: by trawling parties in New York City for sugar daddies. And the New York Post was there to profile them.

Dolled-up co-eds wearing masks and tight frocks filed into a trendy Midtown hotel Friday night, intent on changing their fortunes.

The pot of gold at the end of their rainbow included a short, balding gentleman with a gourd-shaped nose and two geezers in black suits — one shuffling around in untied orthopedic shoes

Sex. E. Yet what could compel a woman in the first few years of her twenties to co-mingle with dribbling, drooling old folks? Well, that non-college lifestyle she apparently became accustomed to in college.

“I have a fancier lifestyle,” said an NYU student named Samantha as she hooked arms with a graying widower from Chicago. “I’m not going to downgrade to some NYU boy who buys dollar beers.

“Why drive a Mitsubishi when you can drive a Porsche?”

Oh. Right. Yes. That’s how life works. You seems like a very down-to-earth girl. The kind everyone likes and says “That Samantha, she’s got a good head on her shoulders.” How could anyone not think that when, at 21, you are turning to a dating website that explicitly helps you gold dig.

The 21-year-old junior, in a red dress and platinum heels, was one of nearly 150 women at the mixer hosted by Seeking Arrangement, a 2.7 million-member dating Web site that pairs cash-hungry co-eds with older, wealthier men for “mutually beneficial relationships.”

I believe “mutually beneficial relationships” is code for “our lawyers strongly advised us against using the term ‘prostitution’ in our tagline. Also the marketing people. They were against it, too. Basically everyone. But… Come on.” In that vein, did the rich, old men get creepy thanks to some implied power dynamics? You. Bet. Your. Ass

As the night wore on, the sugar daddies began groping women in plain view. A 50-something man in a gray blazer felt up a girl’s neck before grabbing her behind.

That’s just delightful. But not as delightful as this girl you are about to meet.

One Pace University student, 22, said she dates sugar daddies instead of working a part-time job.

“I grew up with money. I’m not a poor person,” the woman sniffed. “My parents still give me money, but only a certain allowance.”

You. You are going to win at life with that kind of attitude. I guarantee it.

She said a businessman from Dubai gave her $1,000 to have coffee with him at a Times Square Starbucks. She sees a 40-something man who gives her $400 to $800 every time they hang out. It never goes beyond kissing, she said.

Yes it does.

“You’re attracted to what they offer you,” she said, holding up a Louis Vuitton bag. “I like luxury. It doesn’t matter what age they are.”

The kicker of this whole shit show is the justification by the CEO of Seeking Arrangements, Brandon Wad

“This is almost like a job fair, because a sugar daddy is a mentor, provider and gentleman,” Wade said, adding the average sugar baby gets $3,000 a month in money and gifts. “Why not date someone who can help you?”

He’s absolutely right. Read the whole piece here.

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