Fraternity Brother’s Advice On How Freshmen Should Dress To Rush Events Is PERFECT

By now just about every college is back for the Spring Semester, except for a few weird ass ones out in California who march to the beat of their own drums. So with the Spring Rush in full swing throughout the nation that means a lot of future frat bros are about to get their bids and a lot of try hards are about to get kicked to the curb for dressing and acting like pompous fucking douchebags.

One bro wrote out a guide of how potential rushees should and should not dress if they have any hopes at securing a bid this year, and it’s spot-fucking-on. The main takeaway from this is simple, but it is something that should NOT be overlooked: “Do less. Do fucking less.”…Here’s the rest:

For those of you on the West Coast who have never been fortunate enough to hit The Vineyard in the Summer in this post ‘VV’ = Vineyard Vines…And while 99.99% of you bros already knew that I’m just trying to look out for the one or two of you readers that didn’t, because I don’t want you to make an ass out of yourself this Spring Rush….And don’t worry, after you get that bid and make it through pledging you’re FINE to bust out those salmon pants once again, in fact I highly encourage you to do so. I wore mine just last night.

Now go forth into the world and DO LESS. DO FUCKING LESS. (ht r/frat)

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