Here Are The ‘Secrets’ To Getting Into An Elite College So Shhhhh

by 4 years ago

According to this video from Money, “students that gets good grades, embraces challenges and how they communicate are just a few the things elite colleges want in their students.”

I wouldn’t really call these “secrets” because I’m pretty sure every high school guidance counselor, teacher and parent hammers home the fact that a kid can’t be “all books and no fun” or “all sports and no brains.”

There is one secret that is rather interesting — the fact that colleges look out how students overcome certain obstacles. How do schools know about these “obstacles?” There are certain issues — specifically family — that don’t make it on a college transcript. They’re obviously snooping around in a kid’s private life (meaning social media) to see what they’re doing during off hours. That’s my way of saying “don’t post drunk pics to IG if you want to get into a good school.” If you want to get into a party school, MORE DRUNK PICS!

[via USA Today]

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