This Guy Sent Out An Invitation For The Girls In His Class To Join Him In Bed Via Listserve After Class Was Cancelled

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For some reason I was never lucky enough to enroll in classes where the professors were like “Fuck this noise, I’m not about class today,” which meant I never got to have my classes cancelled. One Wisconsin student, John Dunn, apparently resides on the complete opposite side of the spectrum of myself and was lucky enough to have a professor cancel class on the condition that everyone made sure to sleep in the next morning.

Dunn, being a kind and caring soul, realized that some people in his class surely didn’t have beds, so out of the goodness of his heart he went and invited all the girls in his class to come sleep in his own bed.


Total Frat Move

It’s a joke! Right? Har-har-har funny! Not everyone completely grasped the concept of what a joke is, unfortunately, since professor Aaron Granat went and decided to show the class that while he could be “fun” and “cool,” he could also be a giant boner.


Total Frat Move

Calm the fuck down and just be happy you get to sleep in, jeez.

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