Iowa City Kid Takes Snapchat Selfie With Cop During DUI Test Because LOL IDK #YOLO

Why not. Why not? You can jump into animal exhibits at the zoo to get close-up selfies with tigers and bears so I don’t see why taking a selfie with the cop who’s administering your DUI test is out of the question. Yeah the idiots who jump into zoo enclosures typically get mauled to death, but who cares! Think of the potential retweets.

In case you were looking for some backstory to this – too bad. I got none. I can make some up involving a dragon that can’t find its midday slippers and a leopard who had a really bad day at school and just wanted to go home and take a nap, but that wouldn’t make any sense nor would it be true. The best I can give you is a snapshot of the police report detailing how the cop pulled the kid over for reeking of pot via Twitter:

*Side note: yeah, I know in Iowa it’s called an OWI. Go ahead and ask me how much I care because OH WAIT DON’T because that answer is zero. I care zero. Zero liters, zero pounds, zero fucks, pick one and run with it because that’s how much I care. Back in the DMV we called them DUIs and that’s what I’m sticking with, kthxbi.