A Janitor At A Big Party School Did A Reddit AMA And He’s Seen Tons Of Disgusting Shit, Especially From Chicks

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GOOD WILL HUNTING, Matt Damon, 1997, polishing floor

Two things I couldn’t last a day being: a janitor or homeless. Not because I’m above that kind of work or life, but because any time I see anything that is remotely gross –except for pimple puss for some odd reason — I dry heave. I could be a Pimple Popper MD any day of the week, but you show me some puke or shit on the sidewalk or force me to eat anything that is questionable and I pretty much want to die.  Also, frogs. They’re disgusting creatures and have no place in my life.

Anyway, a janitor who claims to work at a big time party school did a Reddit AMA, spitting truuff and droppin’ knowledge about life in the custodial arts. As for what school he works for, that is still a bit of a mystery, but not one that we can’t crack! He says, “My school is a rich white kid school, where 95% of the kids are going on daddy’s money and have never worked a day in their lives.” And this is his ID card. Anyone know what school this is?

If you do, drop us a line in the comments. Now on to some of the AMA highlights!

Who has more disgusting bathrooms, men or women?


When they shower they’ll pull their tampons out and throw them all willy nilly to some forgotten corner, only to be discovered hours later by some janitor who only found it by smell.

They sh*t in the showers WHO EVEN SH*TS IN THE SHOWERS ANYWAYS and don’t even bother waffle stomping it. They’re barbaric.

Pump the breaks, Kemosabe. What the hell is waffle stomping? My only guess, before I look it up on Urban Dictionary, is when you take a shit in the shower and then force it down the drain grates (which are waffle patterned) with your foot.

/checks Urban Dictionary

FUCK YESSSSSSS!!!! Nailed it.

Also, if you’re going to shit in the shower, people, stomp that waffle down the drain. It’s the humane thing to do.

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