Kansas State University Girl Is Getting Absolutely #REKT After Sending Blackface Snapchat With The N-Word Around Campus

Remember yesterday how I was impressed that the leaked University of Richmond “super sexist” fraternity party email wasn’t even that bad, and how we’ve really come a far way from that other LEGITIMATELY offensive email sent by a University of Maryland Kappa Sig? Yeah, well I was wrong. Sorry. It happens sometimes. Apparently college students really haven’t learned their lesson when it comes to being offensive on social media.

What lesson is that? Basically it boils down to “Don’t be offensive. You will get caught, and DIE,” just like how Kansas State University student Paige Shoemaker got caught sending around blackface Snapchat selfies with her and friend Sadie Meier:


Shoemaker is currently studying biochemistry and pre-med (looks like those dreams of med school have imploded), whereas Meier is a senior cook with KSU’s Housing and Dining Services. Neither are apparently smart enough to realize that phones are capable of taking screenshots, which makes me wonder how Shoemaker ever planned on getting into med school in the first place.

KSU student Desmund Weathers went on to lament the racism that people deny exists at the school…


…while others went right in on Shoemaker and Meier:



SIGH. When will people ever learn?

[H/T Complex]