University Of Kansas Student Wins $10,000 After A Half-Court Shot, Plans On Paying It Forward To Her ‘Nana’

Pretty heart-warming story from Lawrence, Kansas, where a KU student is $10,000 richer after a Late Night basketball expo over the weekend. Jordan Stiers won $10,000 when KU’s director of basketball operations, Brennan Bechard, made a half-court shot. Rather than blowing it on booze or a spring break trip to Cabo, Stiers — the first person to graduate from high school in her family — is planning on using the money to help her grandmother. Her pull-quotes in the Kansas City Star article will have you balling your eyes out:

“I was just thinking about my Nana and what I was going to do to help her,” Stiers said. “I’ve always thought about that one question: ‘If you win so much money, what are you going to do with it?’ And she’s helped me a lot in my life, so pay it forward.”

Stiers’ “Nana” is Roxanne Edwards, her paternal grandmother who rescued her from foster care at age 10. Edwards also volunteered to raise four of Stiers’ siblings in her Independence, Mo., home.

“She took us in when things were tough,” Stiers said. “It’s been rough for her, but she’s taken care of us, so I’m going to take care of her.”

She won’t keep the money for long, saying she was going to help her grandmother pay bills. She had yet to tell her Nana about the shot about 30 minutes afterward as her phone lit up with texts.

“I don’t think she’s going to believe me,” Stiers said. “This kind of thing doesn’t happen to people like us. She’s probably going to cry, just like I did.”

Stiers, who is the first one in her family to graduate high school and also to attend college, is a sophomore at KU and a resident assistant at Oswald Hall. Read more here:

That’s the biggest Bro move of the week, easily. Go read the whole story here. I promise it hits right in the feels. Bravo to Stiers for being a genuinely outstanding human being.

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