The UConn Bacon Jalapeño Mac And Cheese Kid Posted An Apology To YouTube, Watch It Here

Luke Gatti, the drunk UConn kid who won our hearts by being the greatest shithead we’ve seen in years, posted an apology to YouTube yesterday.

In it, he sounds contrite, saying he watched the video and that he couldn’t even recognize the person in it as himself.

He hits the right notes, and doesn’t offer any justification for his actions — which is good — and also apologizes profusely to the employees he berated and assaulted, but, still….

(That’s a wanking motion GIF if it doesn’t load for you.)

He does recommend a donation to your local food bank. You can find yours here.

His father spoke to the Hartford Courant about the incident, and had this to say.

“He’s a kid that made a bad mistake — a college jerky mistake,” Vincent Gatti said. “My son was wrong and feels terrible about this.”

Vincent Gatti said his family has “been hit with a barrage of yelling, screaming, cursing, obnoxious, horrible, hateful, spiteful people berating me and my son for screaming and cursing and berating a stranger. There’s been a world full of people doing exactly what my son did and feeling justified in doing so.”

Gatti said he is not deflecting responsibility for his son’s conduct, but said he found it ironic that people were so quick to inflict on him and his family what they seem to dislike in his son’s conduct. “That’s really a sad state,” he said, adding that the threats and insults have come ‘repeatedly and in alarmingly large numbers.”

I agree. The kid sucked, he apologized, he’ll get some community service for it and then probably never be this shitty again. Let’s not make things worse.

[Via Slade]