A Middle-Aged Macalester College Professor Is XVideo’s Newest Star

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There is a broad spectrum of sex acts on display each day at XVideos, the world’s largest porn site.

Like an economic professor’s lecture on the division of labor. It’s there, and oh man. So hot. The hottest.

According to the Daily Dot, one of the most popular videos currently on XVideos doesn’t star James Deen or Mia Malkova, and no, the actor doesn’t go to school in Durham. He hails from Macalaster College, where he serves as the managing editor of the Journal of Economic Perspectives. His name is Timothy Taylor, and he never takes off his pants.

For reasons unknown, an economics fan recently uploaded to XVideos a lecture by Taylor, a middle-aged father and author of In Defense of Outsourcing and Shortfalls in the Long Run: Predictions About the Social Security Trust Fund. It has not been deleted, despite being far out range of XVideos’ typical purview, and it currently holds a 100% rating—a truly herculean feat considering a.) even the most beautiful woman getting naked would get some “2 out of 10s” online, and b.) Taylor literally just talks about the economic division of labor for 30 minutes.


The premise feels almost like a Tim and Eric sketch. But the comments really put it over the top.

“What the holy hell is something like this doing on Xvideos?”

“When does the porn start, I’m near the end and no action yet? 😦 ”

“mmmm! just what i need. a healthy dosage of healthy economics banging hard on that submissive brain of mine.”

“The Teaching Company might not have the production values of Digital Playground or Vivid, and they might not have the chicks either, but whatever, I came twice watching this.”

“I will tell you I made a sincere effort to actually jack off to this. I stared longingly at his cute boar-ish smile, fantasized about him stuffing his big luscious gob with serving upon serving of poundcake. Do you think he tweaks his nipples after these lectures? I do. I want to.
“It took me 40 minutes and an extra rundown on the division of labor, but eventually I increased my firm’s production all over the place.”

Apparently, Taylor first found XVideos fame in 2011, when his perfectly dull lecture was first uploaded to the website. A Redditor noticed it in the “related videos,” and uploaded a screenshot to R/WTF. That video was since deleted, only to reappear a short time later.

The Daily Dot reached out to Professor Taylor, who had no idea he was a XVideos superstar.

“Didn’t know, and so no useful comments. But in some sense, I’m not much surprised. After all, the web is a big place, porn is a substantial chunk of it, and digital content is fairly easy to move.”

Don’t be so modest.

[H/T: Daily Dot]

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