How Do You Make Side Money In College? We Want To Know

raining money


Long gone are the days of earning spending cash during Fall and Spring semesters by working a crap part time job at the mall or at cleaning trays in the cafeteria. Sure, some students still earn cash by taking those jobs but only because they haven’t thought of a better cash maker yet.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been talking to students earning extra money doing an assortment of odd but awesome things like repairing smashed phones and selling them online and building customized beer pong tables or beer money. I want to talk to more students. If you’re earning good money doing odd jobs on and around campus, let me know.

Here’s what I’m looking for: guys giving fresh cuts to every bro on campus, women earning dough making their own clothing, musicians getting insane money to help with mix tapes or video editing or anything that might turn into an actual career after graduation.

Here’s what I’m not looking for: anything illegal or your fucking app ideas.

If you think you fit the description above, or know a fellow student who does, email me at chris.illuminati [@] You could see your story and your face on the website. For a good reason this time.