These Bros Made A MASSIVE 40-Foot Beer Bong And Tested It Off A Three-Story Office Building

by 3 years ago

I’ve seen some impressive beer bongs in my day, but none more impressive than the three-story one that the dudes over at Foodbeast built outside their office. Pretty sure they went to Home Depot and emptied out the plumbing section’s entire supply of rubber tubing. Plus they bought a tractor-sized funnel, perfect for dumping 20 gallons of diesel in John Deere farm equipment. The result is one of the gnarliest beer bongs I’ve ever seen, going from their roof to the office. It’s an engineering feat that’d make any civilian engineer proud


That can’t be easy to transport, though. Just looking at this dude carrying it makes me sweat.

Then again, where else would you use such a drinking contraption other than a (very large) college house or Panama City Beach back when they were cool with spring break?


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