Hot FSU DG Who Went Viral Playing Flag Football Is Back With A Trick Shot Video That’ll Have You Falling In Love

You bros all remember this chick, right? That clip above shows the footage that brought Florida State University Delta Gamma sister Michelle Roque her first round of viral fame, now she’s back in a second clip as we march towards the beginning of the Fall Football season:

I’m not willing to say that she could play third string for my alma mater FSU Seminoles (because we WILL be winning another Natty this year, we’re that deep), I DO think that she’s got a better arm than any QB that the Florida Gators have run out on the field in the past 5+ years and she could easily walk on at Miami and start tomorrow.

I mentioned depth above but I think Michelle Roque is just proof of the Seminoles’ depth, we’ve got smokin’ hot sorority girls who are talented enough to play for our intrastate rivals. Her last video did over 1.6 million views on YouTube and she impressed everyone so much that Michelle Roque will now be representing Team USA on the Female Flag Football team in The Bahamas in just a few months time.

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(h/t James M. for sending this in!)