The 4 Most Popular Places to Study Abroad


If you're studying engineering, business, or European politics, Germany is the destination for you. Not only does it lead Europe in all those fields, but it's also the world's fourth-largest economy. Because Germany provides student subsidies, it's an affordable choice for those strapped for cash – which is many of us.

If you like spending your off hours drinking beer, Germany is sure to quench your thirst. Whether it's attending Oktoberfest or walking through the English Gardens (an outdoor beer haven), you're sure to enjoy an ice-cold stein of local brew in bliss.


Spain is rich in culture and tradition, which makes it a perfect destination for students who want to study art, art history, religion, architecture, theater, and linguistics. From sundry landscapes to a busy nightlife scene, Spain has it all. Unlike most people in big cities in Europe, not all Spaniards speak English. The good news: Spanish is the most studied second language in the U.S.

One of Spain's greatest features is its beaches in Costa Del Sol. Malaga is home to cheap booze and beautiful women, if that's your thing. And if you like dancing the day and night away, then Ibiza is definitely a must-visit. If you're not into partying but feel adventurous, perhaps bullfighting at the Plaza La Malagueta will make its way on your itinerary.

United Kingdom

Studying in the UK is a convenient option if you're worried about language barriers stopping you from maximizing your study abroad experience. Whether it's artists, scientists, politicians, economists, or writers, the UK offers plenty of valuable experience – being home to some of the oldest and most respected schools in the world – to any student of any course of study.

The UK is known for its soccer fanatics, fish and chips, and of course, the monarchy. If you want to network or party with other students, Manchester is a perfect place to start your UK tour. It's home to more than 90,000 undergrad students (the largest population of any city in Europe).


After taking a 24-hour flight on an awesome Airbus or Boeing airliner, you'll land in a country that has plenty of amazing things to see and do during your time there. Not only is Australia home to the most unique population of animals on the planet – like kangaroos and wallabies – it features plenty of pristine rainforest and beaches including the Great Barrier Reef, Ayers Rock, and Sydney Harbor.

Australia is the perfect place to study anything relating to the environment. So if you're major ends in “ology” – marine biology, geology, or ecology among many others – then you're sure to have a valuable experience studying the distinct climates and wide-ranging topography across the Land Down Under.

Without a doubt, studying abroad in any of these four destinations would be the experience of a lifetime. What other countries would you add to this list?

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