These Bros Created A Game Called ‘Mountain Pong’ Which Is Beer Pong But Better! Well, Maybe.

New drinking games come and go, but beer pong…beer pong is old faithful. You always know what you’re going get with beer pong, and that is usually a good fucking time had by all.

What if you could improve beer pong, though? And I don’t mean by just adding more cups. What if you elevated the game, literally.

That is what Mountain Pong is doing. Not only have they added 6 more cups — making each side a total of 12 cups — but they have put those cups on three different levels.

Will these iterations change beer pong for the better? That remains to be seen, but for now all I can think about when I look at the Mountain Pong is two things: 1) Skee-Ball and 2) the Aggro Crag.