Mystery Freshman Sets Up College Snapchat Account, Gets Flooded With THOUSANDS Of Nude Selfies From Students



You’ve seen the sort of mayhem that goes on in the University of Maryland’s (now shut-down) Snapchat account – just like you’ve seen what goes down at the University of Central Florida’s and Arizona State University’s – so it should come as no surprise to hear that a mystery freshman student at Hull University was flooded with THOUSANDS of nude selfies from students upon making the campus-wide account “Hullfreshersuk.” According to The Tab,

“At first it was just to see pics of pre drinks and parties, maybe some drunks. I expected the odd nude but nothing like this.”

…When you add the account, the owner sends you a message which warns: “Just a heads up, if you want something posted send it to me. It can be anything, though as you probably know most have been rude.

“Everything is 100 per cent anonymous so the only way someone will know you posted anything is unless it’s clearly you or you’ve told them. Anyways enjoy yourself.”

The unnamed student, who is supposedly male, has even gone so far as to say that more than 1,000 people added the account “within hours” of its creation, although it’s since been deleted by Snapchat admins.

However, not all students are thrilled with the easily accessible stash of nudes they once had, according to Mirror:

Third-year media and cultural politics student Sarah Barker said: “I think there is a problem with these Snapchats, regardless of a person’s age.

“I understand some may think there is no problem with doing this kind of thing at uni, but, for me, it’s inappropriate and stupid.

“I would hope students are mature enough to make their own decisions but, from the snaps posted, that may not be the case.”

While the account is in no way affiliated with the University, Hull University’s vice-president of welfare and community, Ashleigh Davies, stated “we do not condone this behavior. As elected officers of the union, it is our role to ensure students are happy, healthy and safe while at university…if you or anyone you know has been affected, the best places to contact for information are the HUU’s Advice Center, the wellbeing team or police.”

A new account has reportedly popped up since “Hullfreshersuk” was shut down, however the name of said account is currently unknown.

[H/T The Tab & Mirror]