Hilarious ‘Nature Documentary’ Shows Syracuse’s Students Before Their Game Against Duke

by 5 years ago


Syracuse faces Duke tomorrow, with both teams looking to avenge surprising losses to ACC opponents. But let’s go back to the last time ‘Cuse played the Devils—February 1st, when the Orange won 91-89 in what may have been the college basketball game of the year.

Fans camped out in tents to snag primo seats, and since this was upstate New York in February, the conditions weren’t exactly ideal. Who would sacrifice a night in a warm dorm room for a chance to call Coach K “ratface” from 30 feet away? You’re about to find out.

We last saw Kumquat, Syracuse’s satirical news show, when its “reporters” hilariously created a nature documentary on Syracuse’s sorority bid day. (The event was called “the running of the girls,” frat members were painted as hunters of the tribe; it was good.) Kumquat has now done something similar with basketball fans, traveling to meet the “tribesmen” of the Orange in their village under the Carrier Dome. And while it doesn’t quite reach the comedic heights of Bid Day, “Campus: The Orangemen” is funny stuff.