20 of the Funniest Highlights from the Great New Tumblr ‘Lol My Thesis’

The college world's best new Tumblr is “Lol My Thesis.” Grads send the topics they researched—and what they found, or didn't find. What you're looking is years of labor. And no one is really sure if it was quite worth it.

“Stories are good, life is hard, let's dance about it.” — Humanities, New College of Florida

“For somebody to win, somebody else has to lose.” — Sociology, Princeton

“People don't care what their subway stop is called, so good thing I stood outside in the rain and asked them.” — Urban Studies, University of Pennsylvania

“I have a lot of feelings about female saints' lives and feminism. Also dragons.” — History, University of Virginia

“A kind of string theory nobody thought was true is probably not true.” — Physics, Brown University

“Public parks are pretty chill and Los Angeles is chill too, but less chill when it comes to public parks.” — Environmental Studies, Scripps College

“The results of this investigation were not statistically significant.” — Statistics, Harvard University

“Daniel Defoe was trolling us.” — English, Lewis & Clark College

“In search of new particle that alters gene expression: didn’t find it, but didn’t refute it’s existence either. Then I think some other asshole professor at another school found it.” — Biology, University of Pennsylvania

“Sometimes, politicians put their penises in things that they should not.” — American Studies, Kalamazoo College

“Beauty pageants are really just freak shows for pretty white girls.” — History, Princeton University

“Heart cells need a death protein to survive. Go figure that one out.” — Biochemistry, Boston University

“Thanks to Marina Abramovic, you could take a piss in public and art curators everywhere would call it performance art and try to collect your work.” — Art History, Saint Mary’s College

“People use words pretty weirdly while they play World of Warcraft.” — Linguistics, University of Colorado

“Some mice lick one foot more and some mice lick the other foot more, it depends on the mouse.” — Psychology, McGill University

“French dudes think memories can make life less sweet, mildly explaining budget deficits. Kinda.” — Economics, Psychology, and French Studies, Villanova University 

“Stars have feelings, too.” — Astronomy, Yale

“The pill causes women to think differently about their bodies, but only if you squint and don’t ask too many questions about my stats.” — Psychology, Duke University

“Art on the internet is often hard to define, as are the concepts of ‘art’ and ‘internet’.” — Art History, Princeton. 

“Jesus.” — Bible & Theology, Wheaton College

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