Being Short On Sleep Makes You More Prone To Bagging Ugly Chicks

According to research presented at SLEEP 2014, a five-day meeting with scientific discussions completely focused around sleep research and medicine, men who are short on sleep are more likely to have warped perceptions of how attractive the people around them are.

The study was done by showing 60 straight college students pictures of the opposite sex in a random order, then morphing pictures of multiple people together in order to make them more conventionally attractive to others. Apparently, the more average you look, the more attractive you are.

All standard, right? You pick out the pictures of Jessica Alba and throw out every Whoopi Goldberg that pops up, and you’d think that after staying awake for 24 hours straight the results would be the same. Except not.

Via Huffington Post:

“After remaining awake for the next 24 hours, the students rated the photos again. Men increased their ratings of the least attractive women and decreased their ratings of moderately attractive women. Women, on the other hand, didn’t change their ratings of any of the men. Men also expressed more interest in having casual sex with the least attractive women and less interest in having casual sex with the moderately attractive women after being sleep-deprived.”

So not only do you have to watch out for every 4 and 5 that comes your way when you’re hammered, but now you can be just sober and sleepy and still wake up the next morning with a random land whale laying in bed next to you. Remember, always ask a friend’s opinion on whether she actually attractive. Unless your friend is a raging dickbag. In that case you might as well change your name to Captain Ahab and sadly resign to a life of throwing your harpoon into anything that outweighs you by 600+ pounds.

[H/T Huffington Post]