Off-Campus College Dorms Nowadays Are On Par With Luxury Spring-Break Hotels

This confirms what I’ve long since suspected to be true: I went to college way too fucking early. The highbrow world of enlightened college-level academia is hitting its fucking stride, but how exactly? Purpose-built student housing like that at the Stadium Centre apartments is driving over $3 billion worth of funding to completely crush the decadent glamorous housing game with absurd renovations. Stadium Centre apartments just off-campus of Florida State University’s Tallahassee campus, feature two resort-style pools, professional-grade barbecues, and a kindly staff on call 24/7. Fuck traveling to Cabo or whatever for a spring break of south-the-border madness; I wanna crash whatever’s going down there.

It gets better though: Bloomberg ran an analysis on a study of 94 student housing complexes spanning cross the U.S., and determined 55% of the students lived in properties with on-site tanning salons, with 45% having beach volleyball courts. Only 38% of the complexes offered up study rooms, but who really needs those anyways with wi-fi being available from almost every half-decent cafe/bar/park nowadays.

[H/T: Bloomberg Business]